Why You Should Be Your Own Wedding Florist

If you’re set to get married, looking into the bridal bouquet business can do you a lot of good. Having prior knowledge of flower arrangement, for instance, makes it easier to work with your would-be wedding florist, especially if you want to save time so that you can pay more attention to other details of the wedding, like the catering and the rings. And there are other reasons, too, why it’s good to have some stock knowledge about flower decor.

1. Flower arrangement is a skill you can add to your personal repertoire.

What kind of flowers go together? And what doesn’t? Whether it comes to seasonal or year-round flowers, it’s important for you to know that flowers that go together complement each other’s colors. For instance, a little bright green adds a bit of freshness to a red and orange combination. You can also learn how to arrange a single variety of flowers in a bridal bouquet in different colors.

There are many sources where you can learn how to buy and arrange wedding flowers. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Know where to shop. Though the price of fresh flowers in Singapore can make your eyes tear up a little, this doesn’t stop you. There are many places in the Lion City where you can get fresh flowers that are in season, in bulk, and on the cheap – all you need to do is ask around from your local florists. You’ll be amazed by the varieties they have that you can fill your trollies with, from imported tulips, roses, sunflowers, hydrangeas, and so much more!
Shop local. This is not just referring to where you get your wedding flowers, but also the kinds of flowers that you get. Consider tropical flowers that are more suited to the hot Singapore climate. Tropical flowers from https://www.moodfleur.com/wedding-florist/ in Singapore also tend to be much bigger and more vigorous in tropical weather than their more temperate European counterparts. Comparatively, they also tend to be less expensive, given the high cost of flowers in the Lion City.
Think big. You can save up on the décor by making a few big arrangements and a few small ones instead of many arrangements that are all the same sizes. Positioning them is key for maximum appeal.

Do remember to ask for suggestions when you’re stumped – there are so many flower combinations, especially when it comes to your bridal bouquet.

2. You can change the flower arrangements faster and with less hassle.
After all, why the need to constantly call your florist for changes in details? It’s just faster if you can do it yourself. After all, since you’re the one doing the arrangements, you have the final say on what goes in your floral decor and wedding car decor.

A bouquet in itself isn’t that hard to put together, though you might need a few willing volunteers to help you arrange the bouquets and position them at the venue.

3. You don’t want to overlook the décor (or spend too much, either).

Many a wedding has been less memorable in Singapore, for many reasons: the reception was terrible, the food arrived late – the list goes on.

The wedding flowers and décor is an especially important detail to pay attention to because there are so many options to choose from that you might end up with the wrong combination of flowers or have an overcrowded bouquet.

However, despite your careful eye, your wedding should not depend on how much you spend. Splurge if you can, but don’t push your budget just so you can have that pricey floral arch for your wedding. It’s less about what kind of flowers and how many, and more on where and how you use them.

If you insist on having rarer wedding flowers (peonies, for example) or floral decor, opt for just one or two stalks in your bridal posy or centerpiece to save on your budget. Decorate other parts of your wedding with more wallet-friendly alternatives that more or less give the same feel of those flowers.

You want your wedding to be something you would fondly remember for the rest of your life. Don’t stress yourself out trying to do so.

4. You want to impress with your skills as a wedding florist.

Of course, there’s bragging rights. Wouldn’t it be nice to answer “I did that” to guests who ask with wonder where or which florist arranged your floral decor? They might even request that you do the floral décor for their wedding, and the next thing you know, you’re setting up your own business in Singapore.

If your partner’s parents (or relatives) could be a little on the grumpy side, this is the perfect opportunity to make a good impression and brighten up their day. After all, if you want to make a person smile, why not say it with flowers?

5. It’s your special day – and it’s something you want to remember for a lifetime.

This last one doesn’t need too much explaining. Being the wedding florist for your own wedding is something that you should do only if you really want to do it yourself and if you can put in the effort to buying and arranging them.

At the end of the day, you can indulge in a little pride at the fact that you have something to pass down to your future kids when they have weddings of their own.

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