Questions to Ask Your Emergency Plumbing Contractor

The last thing that you would surely want to do when a plumbing emergency occurs is to spend time asking your plumber some questions – still, it is something that every home- or business owner should do. Asking the right questions to your prospective emergency plumber allows you to ensure that you are hiring the best guy for your repair job. Confused as to what questions you should be asking? Then here are some of those we consider as ‘must-ask’ questions if you are planning to hire an emergency plumbing contractor.

1. Are you licensed and insured to perform emergency plumbing works?

The first and foremost question you should ask your prospective plumber is whether or not he is licensed and insured. A plumber equipped with the proper license and insurance is capable of efficiently and quickly diagnosing and fixing your plumbing issues. Plus, even if your contractor makes a mistake in fixing your plumbing system, his insurance will be able to cover the cost of the damages to your property. So be sure to steer clear from plumbing contractors in Singapore who does not carry these important certifications.

2. How much do you usually charge an emergency plumbing job?

Emergency plumbing works are usually charged at a different rate than repair jobs that are scheduled on regular business hours. This is why it’s crucial that you know exactly how your prospective plumbing company rates their emergency plumbing services before hiring them.

Do they just add an extra fee for the emergency repair, or do they charge an entirely different rate than their regular plumbing services? It is crucial to know how you will be charged for the repair job by so you can avoid any surprise fees when it’s already time to pay the bill. Also, ensure that they follow a clear and fair pricing model so you can make sure that the price they are quoting you for is exactly the price you will pay.

3. Is your company vehicle stocked with the right materials?

Although it may seem odd to ask this question to your plumbing contractor, do know that not all plumbers drive a truck that is full with all the essential supplies. Most plumbers, particularly emergency plumbing service providers, tend to keep the very basic tools in their truck. Meaning, they might not be equipped with the right materials necessary for handling emergency plumbing repairs. If they don’t have the right materials, they will likely go out of their way and purchase it – and you might end up getting charged for this extra service as well.

So make sure that you find a plumbing contractor who keeps their vehicle loaded with essential equipment and supplies. This will surely save you some money and time, as the plumber will be able to immediately fix any emergency plumbing issue that you might have.

4. What kind of plumbing repair experience do you have?

Surely, you would want to feel confident about your chosen emergency plumber, which is why it’s crucial that you ask him about the type of plumbing work experience that he has beforehand. You would certainly want to hire someone who has enough experience in dealing with various plumbing issues, be it a leaky pipe, a blocked drain, or a dripping faucet.

5. How long have you been providing emergency plumbing services?

Experience is an important factor to consider, especially now that you are thinking of hiring an emergency plumbing contractor. Sure enough, you would want to hire a reliable plumber who has years of emergency plumbing experience to meet your needs and to help you solve your plumbing issues.

6. What is your normal response time for emergency plumbing services?

One of the important factors to consider when hiring an emergency plumber is their response time for an emergency plumbing situation. Failing to get a quick fix for your plumbing problem could result to more serious damages that could significantly increase your repair expenses. So make sure that you stay in touch with plumbing companies that provide 24 hours plumber services to help minimize your plumbing system issues and expenses.

7. Can you provide some references that I can contact?

Aside from asking about his experience in providing emergency plumbing services, it would also be a good idea to ask him for a list of references on the previous repair jobs that he took. A good emergency plumber will surely have a great reputation in both home- and business owners alike. Knowing how well your chosen plumbing contractor works and provides emergency services will definitely help in keeping you at ease after booking his services.

8. Are you offering any form of warranty on your plumbing services?

Before signing any contract with your chosen emergency plumber, be sure to ask about the type of warranty or guarantee that comes with their services. Some might promise to visit within the year and fix any other problems that might occur, while others might only offer service on certain fixtures or if a leak occurs. Also, ensure that the warranty is in writing so you will have a proof that you will not be held financially responsible for any issue that may arise from the work that they performed.

While finding a good emergency plumber in your area in Singapore might seem like a daunting task, asking the right questions will surely help ensuring that you get someone who knows what they are doing, does a great work and will not leave you with an unfinished project.

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