How You Could Be Unknowingly Damaging Your Hair

Our hair is our crowning glory, which is why we always do our best to keep it as healthy and beautiful as possible. But in the process of enhancing the way we look, we don’t often realize just how much we’re actually damaging our strands. For that reason, we listed down some of the habits that could be secretly damaging your tresses, as well as the ways on how could possibly correct them.

1. Brushing Your Hair When It’s Wet
Our hair is weak when it’s wet, which is why it’s better to use a wide-tooth comb to deal with tangles and avoid excessive pulling that could cause hair breakage. The use of brush is only recommended when your hair is already dry.

2. Tying Your Hair Into a Ponytail Regularly
Although ponytail is considered as one of the go-to hairstyles of women, wearing it regularly could have a negative effect on your strands. Frequently pulling back your tresses will only make it brittle, and could even inflict permanent damage when tied too tightly. Dermatologists say that constantly pulling back your hair may cause traction alopecia or hair loss, which gradually happens over time. To avoid that, simply let your strands down to give it a breather.

3. Ditching Your Hair Protectant
Skipping your hair protectant is the same thing as ditching the sunscreen for your face. So if you’re a fan of using heat-activated styling tools, ensure that you protect your strands with products that will keep them moisturized and shield them from hair damage.

4. Skipping on SPF Protection
Just as SPF is essential for proper skincare, sunblock is also crucial for maintaining a strong and healthy hair. Protecting your strands against the sun’s harmful UV rays keeps your hair from drying out and reduces the risk of fading your hair colour. For your daily SPF use, opt for a clear sunscreen spray to provide a greaseless and weightless protection.

5. Washing Your Hair Frequently
Our hair is packed with natural oils that help in keeping it healthy and shiny. That’s why stylists suggest washing hair every other day, since frequent shampooing could strip our locks of these oils causing them to look dull. In a tropical country like Singapore, however, waiting for three days isn’t ideal because of humidity and sweating.

A woman’s hair is her crowning glory, which is why it’s important that we keep in its tip-top shape – and what better way to do that than avoiding doing any of the aforementioned habits that are secretly damaging our strands.

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