How to Party Responsibly

Most of us look forward to a trip to a pub or a drinking party with friends and co-workers. It’s one of those times when we get to create unforgettable moments. Sometimes we’d rather forget though, especially when there are photos of you falling asleep with your mouth open or throwing up because you were so drunk.

Responsible Host

If you’re planning to host a party at your home, plan ahead. If you’re not living alone, make sure everyone knows about it first so they can make adjustments. Warn your neighbors too especially if you’re living at an apartment. Provide enough food, alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks for everyone. Make it an invitation-only party to avoid gatecrashers. Ask about your friends’ food preferences, restrictions and allergies. It’s better if you separate different types of food on the table and assign some people to guide the guests when they ask about the ingredients. Lastly, make sure everyone gets home safe after the party.

Drinking Limit

Not everyone can tolerate alcoholic drinks so there is no need to force other people to do so if they refuse. If you’re not sure what’s in glass, ask about the content and never leave your glass so no one would think of putting something else in there. If you still have to report to work tomorrow, don’t get drunk. Don’t mix drinks because you’ll never know what the effect will be even if you’re a seasoned drinker. Eat before and during drinking. This method slows down the absorption of alcohol. Those who are drunk should be assisted and never left alone when going home.

Finding A Venue

If it’s a group party, find the appropriate venue for the kind of party you have in mind. If you love games and team-building activities, find a bigger venue with a gym or a playground and sports facilities. The comfort and security of all the people involved should be covered such as sleeping areas, washing and bathing, and food and drinks. There should be a checklist of all the people who will attend to discourage gatecrashers.

School Parties

What if you’re still a student and everyone in class is planning a get-together? If you’re a minor, ask permission from your parents first. You might also want to inform them about when and where to pick you up in case the party ends late. Your parents will understand because they were once teenagers too. There should be a way to contact you so make sure your batteries are full. At the party, stick with your friends and never try to be alone especially if the venue is filled with people from outside the school.

Providing Entertainment

Games, activities and presentations should be planned ahead. Not everyone will appreciate surprises. This will also limit possible accidents from unplanned activities. Make sure everyone knows where they’re going and what the party is for. Pick themes that aren’t controversial and offensive. Finally, divide and assign the tasks to make it easier for everyone.

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