Baby Items You Should Always Have

Babies grow up so fast that is why you should enjoy that time by going out and playing with them. These are the things you need to have in your diaper bag for your baby.

Diaper Bag
Pick a diaper bag that’s easy to carry and has a lot of compartments for storing different items, but you don’t need to bring a huge bag. It has to have a waterproof lining so that spills can be cleaned easily. Pack small items in resealable plastic bags so that they are easy to find.

Bring two types of diapers. One should be for longer trips and another for short trips. Ideally you should change the baby’s diapers at least once very hour and most importantly, always bring extras.

This is better than using regular paper towels. They can also double as hand wipes if you can’t wash your hands with soap and water. Wipes are great for all-around cleaning too.

Hand Sanitizer
There will be times when you’re too busy to make that trip to the nearest faucet, so always carry a hand sanitizer with you.

Changing Pad
This should come with the diaper bag, but you can also use a regular hand towel. You can also buy disposable pads for longer trips.

Extra Clothes and Bibs
Bring at least 2 bibs when you’re going out and a change of clothes for the baby. You’ll never know when you have to clean up spills, drool and poop.

Plastic Bags
Pick resealable and biodegradable bags. This isn’t just for soiled diapers and clothes, but you can also use it for storing other items so that everything in the diaper bag is organized. Keep plastic bags away from children, however.

Feeding Bottles
The number of bottles you will need to bring depends on how long you’re planning to go out. Always being an extra just in case.

Water Bottle
Always bring an extra bottle of water for yourself and your baby. Place the water in a feeding bottle for the baby.

Baby Formula
Place pre-measured baby formula in a container made for traveling. They are made so that it’s fast and easy to mix.

Blanket and Hat
The blanket can act as a changing pad or a cover. Bring a hat for the baby especially if you’re planning to take a walk in the park. There are also sunscreens made for baby’s skin if you think he/she needs extra protection.

Nursing Cover
Mothers who are exclusively breastfeeding should always carry this so that they can safely feed the baby in public. Mothers should also bring breast pads and wear nursing bra.

If the baby can already eat solid food, always bring snacks especially during long trips. That way, you get to monitor what they’re eating too.

Extra Shirt
Some parents forget that they too can get dirty. So bring extra shirts for those emergencies.